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Terrakamp offers the world’s first complete holistic crop production system. With our Next Generation Agriculture Technology, the individual processes of ground preparation, seeding, nutrient application and harvesting are integrated into Terrakamp’s NEXAT system.




Terrakamp and the NEXAT System application change

At the focal point is an electrically driven wide-span carrier vehicle with interchangeable implements that perform all aspects of farming. For each task, the interchangeable Applications are attached to the NEXAT carrier unit, creating a modular, holistic, tremendously effective, and reliable crop production system.

We have created a completely new vehicle and through Terrakamp, we are creating a much more efficient and healthier way to farm.

Today (Conventional):

A separate propulsion unit and chassis for each step. Different track widths and navigation paths. Separate Data records exist amongst the several machines and manufacturers. Different platforms exist in unrelated files and the farmer must rely on that data owned or managed by different manufacturers.


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Terrakamp’s NEXAT:

All Applications are integrated on one self-propelled machine. Consistent navigation over the same tram line. Data records are controlled and owned by the landowner and automatically integrated to a central file.

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A catalyst for the Next Generation of Agriculture.

NEXAT System – agriculture system

WSCTF makes this system different.

Traditional Random Traffic Farming (RTF)

For close to 80 years, RTF has compacted our ground and is destroying the health of the soil. Moisture, nutrients, and plant roots cannot penetrate this impervious layer located a few inches below the ground. Heavy tillage is required.

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Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)

Becoming more popular over the last 20 years, this system is a good first step towards healthier farming practices. The benefits of less soil compaction are well known. However, traditional agriculture implements and their systems make CTF almost impossible.

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Wide Span Controlled Traffic Farming (WSCTF)

The Next Generation of farming. WSCTF reduces land compaction to 5%, allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate deep into the ground. Subsoil moisture and nutrients increase, plant roots extend further, and the need for tillage is decreased. Soil health improves along with profits and the soil’s ability to sequester carbon.

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NEXAT is electrically driven. The generators are currently powered by two 550 hp efficient diesel engines, but the generators are prepared to be powered by green hydrogen fuel cells. As each Application is integrated, its weight is transferred onto the carrier vehicle and optimized for even distribution and maximum performance. This enables the Applications to be accurately guided with less slip, significantly reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2-emissions.


More Power


Less Weight

Terrakamp’s NEXAT system offers the world an affordable, healthy, and efficient method to solve many of the current challenges facing agriculture.

New standards in crop-production are created by uniting and optimizing each stage of the production process. With our Harvesting application, throughput is enabled to be increased by over 50%, and unload time is almost 700x faster.

With WSCTF, 95% of the entire arable area may never be driven over again. Maximum yield potential is realized, the soil and environment are protected to the greatest degree possible, and investment in machinery is reduced to a minimum.

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