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Until now, agricultural vehicles have usually been powered by fossil fuels. In the joint project “NEXAT2H2 – Demonstration of a hydrogen-powered agricultural vehicle”, however, a new type of vehicle is to be developed for agricultural use that uses hydrogen fuel instead of diesel. The project is thus intended to contribute to climate-friendly mobility in agriculture.

With the NEXAT vehicle, the company Kalverkamp Maschinenbau from the district of Osnabrück has developed a vehicle that can work a width of up to 18 meters on arable land. So far, however, the hybrid-electric prototype is still powered by diesel. Together with the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, the NEXAT2H2 project aims to make the switch to hydrogen fuel possible. This project is being funded by the state of Lower Saxony with around 3.67 million euros.

If successful, the complete switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen fuel should be possible. The NEXAT2H2 vehicle should thus become a demonstration object for the application of green hydrogen in agriculture. The hydrogen fuel that is ultimately to be used in the NEXAT vehicle should ideally be green hydrogen, produced directly by the farmer.


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