The synergy of 50 years of development expertise and cutting-edge technology

from market-leading agricultural engineering manufacturers.

For decades our team has worked behind the scenes to introduce some of agriculture’s most significant advancements in how we farm. Terrakamp’s engineering and product development team, known as Kalverkamp Innovation, has been leading the evolution of agricultural machinery for years through design and development. Our numerous patents and awards reflect the dedication, innovation and brilliance of our people. We’ve been proud and honored to assist other leading agriculture companies in achieving new levels of performance and efficiency.

We are innovators.

Introducing NEXAT: The world’s first and only holistic plant production system that answers the challenges of the future from a technical, economic and ecological point of view; a milestone in the development of carbon-neutral agriculture worldwide.

“Innovation is the oldest tradition of evolution.”

-Klemens Kalverkamp

Many years ago we recognized that the industry was primarily trending towards larger and larger iterations of previous designs. The industry leading manufacturers were investing incredible efforts to merely create larger versions of their decades old design. The ability to elicit increases on the foundation of those decades old design was becoming extremely difficult and costly. And so, after decades of helping others improve their products, in 2016 we formally changed our focus to a much higher purpose and launched Nexat GmbH. 

We started with a blank page and designed the entire mechanical methods of farming around a new platform. A single propulsion vehicle to integrate with a variety of exceptional new implements to complete all the primary functions of farming. 

NEXAT System – Terrakamp

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay

With the Nexat system, Terrakamp intends to replace combines, tractors and large implements at the most progressive farms worldwide, while at the same time allowing the farming community to improve the health of the soil. Join us as we introduce the world to the most significant advancement in agriculture since mechanization started over 100 years ago.

New Standards of Profitability with Terrakamp

Arable challenge:
Doing more with less

We don’t need more of everything, we need to do more with less. The only way to improve economic efficiency and productivity is to understand our available arable land as a sensitive ecosystem, not just a production medium. Agriculture only has a future in harmony with nature, and nature has always had everything it needs to support life. In order to successfully transition to more sustainable, profitable, and effective practices, a holistic approach is required, both in agronomic and technical terms.

Regenerative Agriculture – Terrkamp & NEXAT System

Technical challenge:
Something new is needed

A positive, sustainable, and impactful change in agricultural practices will only succeed if we are willing to rethink agricultural technology and machinery as well.

Over the last 100 years, the world has seen profound advancements, with immense strides in new technologies. Agriculture, however, still uses the same basic mechanizations as the early 1900s – the results of the advancements we have seen have always been oriented towards the needs of humans – not nature. We need something completely new. We do not need more specialized machinery with heavier impact – we need to lessen our impact with a simple approach: using a systemic solution as the basis for sustainable, soil-conserving, and consistently data-driven land management. And we must do it in synergy with nature.

Time for change.

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