The Next Generation of Agriculture

Over the last decade, the world has witnessed massive technological advancements in mechanical engineering, electrical propulsion systems and machine ergonomics. Through these innovations, we see an unlimited potential to create a carbon neutral future and a healthier planet. 

With a goal to change the way we approach agricultural practices, together, let’s advance the lives of the world’s farming community while enabling the natural productivity of the soil and improving the health of the planet.

Terrakamp & NEXAT: A Catalyst for the Next Generation of Agriculture.

The Nexat System

Designed in collaboration with leading engineers and agricultural equipment manufacturers, NEXAT is the world’s first complete holistic crop production system. Powered by an electric drive and optimized with artificial intelligence, the system accomplishes all aspects of farming with minimized compaction and maximized productivity.

Regenerative Farming

A critical step towards creating a healthier planet is a global shift to regenerative farming practices. Terrakamp’s agriculture division is taking that step with the NEXAT system. By increasing carbon sequestration and soil biodiversity, this technology reverses the negative impact humans have had on our planet.

“Terrakamp is destined to replace the majority of tractors and combines at the world’s most advanced farming organizations.”

“The basic century old design theories of pushing or pulling agricultural implements had finally advanced to its limitations.”

“Nexat’s disruptive engineering designs enable machine ergonomics to advance to an entirely new level.”

“The Nexat carrier vehicle engineering created an entirely new threshold and will move agriculture to the next generation.”

“Terrakamp’s focus on the life and profitability of the farmers appears opposed to the strategies and interests of conventional agricultural machines.”

“The health of the soil must be improved, and Terrakamp appears to have a solution.”

“Carbon sequestration should be improved through Nexat’s WSCTF and minimmum tillage practices.”

“The vision of Terrakamp and Nexat see a whole new generation of farm implements just around the next corner.”

Resource Protection

Controlled Traffic Farming

New Levels of Profitability

Maximum Innovation Through Collaboration