New Levels of Profitability

Terrakamp is making an impact. With agriculture, it’s not just about sustainability. New perspectives are urgently needed to improve profitability that simultaneously drives the future viability of crop production.


From an economic standpoint, we mark the arrival of a new era for farm profitability. Our pivotal approach deems the diverse range of pre-existing conventional farm machinery as obsolete. Terrakamp leads the agricultural world with the first wide span carrier concept thanks to the integration of recent advancements in technical capabilities.

  • Input Costs & Technique Savings: > 20 %
  • Energy Consumption Reduced: 15% – 30 %
  • Expected Increases in Yield: 10% – 30%
  • Gross Margin Possibilities: > 30%
  • Net Earnings Potential Increased: > 30%

A dependable, modular and efficient design that creates a solution for each primary function of the farming process. Maximized profitability, backed by data.

Nexat Reduces the Complexity & Cost of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Machine Operation
  • Labor
  • Energy
  • Crop Inputs

We are incorporating the world’s most advanced technology and engineering to offer the grower a data collection system that monitors and records every aspect of their growing process. Terrakamp’s goal is to enable landowners to manage their data with improved refinement during each successive process, year after year. Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence discipline is a primary focus of our process and is enabled by the centralization of all functions through the NEXAT carrier.

Our system advances the concept of driverless navigation to a level unachievable by conventional design. Terrakamp’s Digital Twin initiative lays the foundation for the future of process optimization. Read more about our Data initiatives here.

“Terrakamp is destined to replace the majority of tractors and combines at the world’s most advanced farming organizations.”

“The basic century old design theories of pushing or pulling agricultural implements had finally advanced to its limitations.”

“Nexat’s disruptive engineering designs enable machine ergonomics to advance to an entirely new level.”

“The Nexat carrier vehicle engineering created an entirely new threshold and will move agriculture to the next generation.”

“Terrakamp’s focus on the life and profitability of the farmers appears opposed to the strategies and interests of conventional agricultural machines.”

“The health of the soil must be improved, and Terrakamp appears to have a solution.”

“Carbon sequestration should be improved through Nexat’s WSCTF and minimmum tillage practices.”

“The vision of Terrakamp and Nexat see a whole new generation of farm implements just around the next corner.”