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The basis of regenerative farming is simple: the answer to a healthier planet begins with focusing on improving the health of the soil. Regenerative farming practices not only reverse the negative impact our soil has been subject to, but also revive natural cycles and promote biodiversity in our soil. Our system seeks to provide nature with enough free space to do what it does best while minimizing the impact that may disrupt nutrient cycles and damage soil health.

The search for sustainable methods to improve soil biology, activate CO2 sequestration, and promote biodiversity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and it goes beyond the farming industry. However, it starts with agriculture. The concept of regenerative agriculture has been with us for decades, but we seem to have only just realized that arable fields act as large carbon sinks and consequently play a pivotal role in balancing out CO2 emissions and promoting a clean planet.

Regenerative Agriculture – Terrkamp & NEXAT System
New Standards of Profitability with Terrakamp

Maximum yields.
Nutrient rich foods.

Almost everything we need to grow our crops and produce food is already in the soil. By promoting a more nutrient-dense soil, we get more nutrient-dense food.


When we increase the level of photosynthesis, we increase our arable land’s biodiversity and the ability to act as a carbon sink. Crops can gain more access to essential nutrients, which become more naturally present in the soil. The result is an active boost to humus formation and soil improvement, which restores nutrient-dense, fertile land, and creates higher quality, nutrient rich foods.

Maximize profits with Terrakamp

New Standards of Profitability

As the first complete arable production system, the NEXAT System provides a unique solution for implementing regenerative farming practices, while also setting new standards in profitability. Our innovative wide-span controlled traffic farming technology allows for 95% of arable land to never be driven over and compacted again. This leads to a revitalized soil, generating optimum nutrient flows, long-term CO2-sequestration, high water infiltration, and storage capacities. The minimized risk of erosion enables crops to withstand long periods of drought without damage. The resulting biodiversity enables an enhanced natural nutrient cycle and creates a protective barrier against pests and disease, ultimately bringing maximum yield potential.

NEXAT is not just another development promising short-term gains in profit and yield. It is a viable, proven, and exciting plan to bring farming permanently back into sync with nature.

Time for change.

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