Regenerative Farming

The search for sustainable methods to improve soil biology, activate CO2-sequestration and promote biodiversity is driving the world’s daily innovations. By taking a step back and restoring the planet’s natural cycles, Terrakamp’s technologies show a powerful solution.


The premise of regenerative farming is simple: almost everything we need to grow crops is already in the soil. In an ideal scenario, the process rarely involves cultivation and it does not require significant application of chemicals. We seem to have only just realized that arable fields act as huge carbon sinks, and consequently play a pivotal role in balancing out the CO2-emissions caused by humans. If we are able to increase the level of photosynthesis, we also increase land’s ability to act as a carbon sink, while simultaneously promoting biodiversity.

With reduced compaction, the NEXAT System generates optimum nutrient flows, high water infiltration and storage capacities, and long-term Co2 sequestration. The resulting biodiversity enables nutrients to be exchanged naturally in different directions, which encourages healthy growth of different plants.

Our system is not just another development promising short-term gains in profit and yield. It is a solid plan to bring farming permanently back into sync with nature.

“Terrakamp is destined to replace the majority of tractors and combines at the world’s most advanced farming organizations.”

“The basic century old design theories of pushing or pulling agricultural implements had finally advanced to its limitations.”

“Nexat’s disruptive engineering designs enable machine ergonomics to advance to an entirely new level.”

“The Nexat carrier vehicle engineering created an entirely new threshold and will move agriculture to the next generation.”

“Terrakamp’s focus on the life and profitability of the farmers appears opposed to the strategies and interests of conventional agricultural machines.”

“The health of the soil must be improved, and Terrakamp appears to have a solution.”

“Carbon sequestration should be improved through Nexat’s WSCTF and minimmum tillage practices.”

“The vision of Terrakamp and Nexat see a whole new generation of farm implements just around the next corner.”