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Terrakamp’s NEXAT system addresses current and future soil management challenges using a disruptive approach that is both holistic and resource-efficient. Preserving and enhancing our valuable arable land must be a primary focus of any approach that concerns itself with sustainable and healthy food production.

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Lower energy consumption

When compared to today’s conventional “fuel efficient” farm machinery, NEXAT offers a significantly superior performance. The foundations of our unique wide-span carrier concept have merged the most advanced mechanical systems and theories with the most advanced digital technology. Our system provides a considerable increase in performance in all types of crop production while also reversing decades of negative impact on soil and the environment.


Our WSCTF technology allows 95% of farmland to remain permanently untouched by vehicles. This permanent reduction in compaction enables the optimization of soil fertility in these areas. Earth’s natural process of humus production is continually improved, and the land’s ability to store water is dramatically increased.

By continuously activating the soil, which acts as a carbon sink, farming also offers an entry point into CO-emissions trading, opening up a completely new and profitable income source.

We must continuously ask: how do we meet the needs of the next generation? A combination of new chemical fertilizer products and yet more heavyweight farm machinery are not the solutions – they are contributing to the problem. NEXAT was developed on the premise of enabling farmers to manage their resources more efficiently, more intelligently, and with greater care, while also maximizing their potential yields and profits.

Time for change.

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